Looking to Sell This Spring?

There’s still time to get your home on the market this spring to take advantage of the growing number of interested buyers, but successfully reaching potential buyers requires a bit more work than just an online post. Here are some professional tips:


1. Prep for Millennials: Millennials are a growing proportion of buyers, especially here on the Peninsula. With many of them being data driven and on-the-go, they will move on quickly if you don’t provide what they need upfront. Be clear and thorough in your disclosures. Millennials love to have all of the information in front of them. Being forthright helps everyone. If you have the time and budget, update your bathrooms and kitchen. Millennials want ready-made homes and are generally willing to pay a premium for them.


2. Price Your Home Right the First Time: Redfin looked at 12 million home sales from the last five years and found that a home’s listing is viewed five times more its first day on the market than even a week later. If your home is priced too high, it’s much harder to bring back the homebuyers who moved on to other listings because the asking price was out of their range.


3. Go On Market On a Thursday: The same Redfin study reveals homes listed on a Thursday are more likely to sell above list price and find a buyer faster than homes put on the market any other day of the week. This is because the latter half of the work week sees the most traffic on Redfin’s website, and Thursday gives just the right amount of time for buyers to plan weekend open house visits.


4. Play To Your Strengths: Have an expansive front yard? Plant colorful flowers to increase curb appeal. Are you one of the only houses in the neighborhood with a pool? Start open house tours in the backyard so that it’s the first thing buyers see. Have pitchers of lemonade and iced tea ready to encourage buyers to linger outside. Does your house get more natural sunlight in the afternoon than the morning? House open houses in the late afternoon and at twilight!


As always, if you ever have any further questions or desire my expertise, feel free to reach out!

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